Our Methodology

Continuous Improvements is core to our delivery process. In order to improve results for you we keep going through the process below through-out the delivery period and we make sure that all the learnings are captured and used to make it better for you.

The Ajals methodology revolves around you i.e. our customers.

It starts with collection of information about your business, your competitors, your industry etc. (Discover).

Based on what we learn, we plan a suitable Digital Marketing Strategy for you and take all necessary steps to make it happen (Plan & Configure).

All this basic set up is then used to launch your Online Campaign (Implement). We also implement necessary analytics to make sure that all critical pieces of data are being tracked and learnings taken (Measure).

This whole process is then repeated to make adjustments to strategy, implementation and analytics (Improvements).

Our main objective behind this iterative methodology is to ensure your objectives are met to the maximum possible extent.

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